Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair styles are now favored by many because of its sexiness and practicality. Last month I installed one for myself. Everybody said I looked good with the new hairstyle. I was thinking about a curlier one but generally, curly hairstyles take more care to keep looking beautiful. As a result, I chose the straight one instead. However, there are also many things I have to do to keep my hair pretty. My hairstylist advised me some instructions on taking care of my weaves.



Moisture is the most basic thing to take care about when it comes to hair treatment. No matter what kind of hairstyles that we have, keeping it moisturized is a must. When we have any hair extensions, this becomes a lot more important issue since our new hair cannot get moisture and nutrients from the scalp. As a result, in order for the hair to stay vibrant and manageable, we have to give the hair a very special care. Only use the best Brazilian hair wholesales to retain the moisture.

Avoiding shedding

While installing Brazilian weaves, we have to be careful not to cause any damage to our hair that can lead to shedding. For a starter, we should not cut through the tracks of our hair. If we have to do it, we must add weft sealant before doing the installation. Cutting through the tracks will create loose ends and shedding. Stitching is another thing we have to be careful about. If we stitch through the hair tracks while we are doing the installation, another risk of shedding may also be the result. We have to be sure that the weave is around the tracks of our hair. It will also avoid shedding as well as make the stitching last longer.


Brushing the hair

Brushing is also an important part to keep our hair tidy. When we have curly Brazilian weaves, this cannot be done as often as we wish. The recommended brushing frequency is only twice a day. However, we can brush whenever we want if we have straight or natural wave hairstyle. What kind of brush should we use? I tried combs with fine teeth but it was bad because the comb can create breakage in the weave. When I repaired it, the hairstylist told me that tooth combs should never be used with weaves. He recommended me a paddle brush instead. To brush properly, we must start from the tips of the hair. Gently and carefully, we should then move the brush toward the roots of our hair.


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