What to Know about Incredible India

In today’s modern world where tourism and travel have become a lifestyle, each country wants to make sure that their valuable assets are known and heard all around the world. It is quite common to introduce the special characteristic or a unique appeal of each country. For instance, the Eiffel has become the trademark for France as well as the Great Barrier Reef has become the trademark for Australia. Governments have understood the importance of creating something catchy for their official marketing campaign to attract visitors coming to their countries. It happens to India and Incredible India slogan that was created in 2002.


The Incredible India

As it was mentioned before, the Indian government has created Incredible India as their international marketing campaign so they can promote and introduce tourism in India. Styled as Incredible!ndia, the campaign was officially launched and braded by Amitabh Kant before it was settled by the Joint Secretary, operating under the Union Ministry of Tourism. Before 2002, the Indian government had tried their best to promote India as the world’s tourist destination but they hadn’t been able to tailor the campaign into a fashionable tourism marketing that is elegant and exclusive. It was a good thing that the government realized that they need professional assistance and guidance if they want to promote their tourism. They asked for help from O&M (Ogilvy & Mather) marketing and advertising firm India to create an interesting concept so tourists would be interested in coming to the country. The main purpose of the campaign is to portray India as an attractive and safe tourist destination. There are some aspects and highlights that have been showcased, such as Indian history, culture, and daily aspects (the spirituality and even yoga). When it was launched, the campaign gained positive feedbacks and reviews although there were also critics that it wasn’t enough; considering that it didn’t thoroughly cover some of the most appealing and interesting aspects of the country.


The Follow through

In 2008, a special campaign for the local population was launched by the Ministry of Tourism to educate the locals about good etiquette and behavior, especially when dealing with tourists from foreign counties. The campaign was meant to educate the locals about the impact of tourism on their well-being as well as making them realizes the importance of preserving Indian’s heritage. In 2009, the Ministry of Tourism prepared $200 million for the Incredible India campaign extension and spent around $12 million of them for the domestic tourism. Aamir Khan, an Indian actor, was appointed for the Incredible India ambassador. In 2015, Aamir was replaced by Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan.


The Impact

It seems that the marketing strategy works well as the numbers of tourists and visitors coming to the place have increased since the Incredible India campaign started. The campaign depicts India as a magical place to visit, creating a powerful and appealing visual interest for the tourists. Despite the positive reception all around the worlds, there are some critics to the campaign. That’s why the Ministry of Tourism has asked O&M firm again to work together in a three year period – from2012 to 2015 – of the campaign to redefine and reinvent the campaign.

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