Holiday Accommodation in Ballito

SUN >>>>> SURF>>>>> SAND


Are You looking for that ideal holiday destination? Well, look no further as Ballito is the perfect holiday destination the place you’ve been looking for….

Ballito is situated the North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. It offers you and your loved ones a variety of fulfilled adventures, accommodation and an assortment of restaurants…


So why choose Ballito as your top holiday hot spot?


“Family friendly Beaches”


When you step onto the beaches in Ballito you are welcomed by soft golden sands that you can just laze around and get that perfect tan you wanted. The beautiful blue waters ebbing and flowing entices you, and soon you become hypnotized with its beauty. 

Ballito captivates the hearts of many who come here as it has a kind of magic to warm the soul and helps one to de stress and just unwind.

One of the beaches main attractions and the regular visits of the Dolphins. The beaches of Ballito welcome all swimmers and divers or just those ‘’splash buddies”. It is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to just enjoy fun in the sun. There are many tidal pools for those who don’t like the open waters also snorkelling spots, dolphin and whale watching spots, surfing and diving spots.

“Tantalize your Taste buds” 

If you have a palate for really good food Ballito offers you a variety of restaurants, that will tantalize your taste buds. The locals leave you feeling so filled because of the added love and attention they give you. 

Ballito has many socializing spots be it beer with the boys, or family gatherings or supper and dance. Ballito has various venues to complement everyone’s different needs.


Exquisite Ballito accommodation

Looking for accommodation in Ballito won’t be a hard task as Ballito offers an array of luxurious and comfortable accommodation. Your stay can be of your choosing from the different hotels, self-catering and bed and breakfast lodging. It is all cheap and very affordable.

Ballito is vastly expanding, an introduction to many malls and improved beaches and lodging facilities is making Ballito the best choice when deciding on a holiday destination. The friendly locals are enthusiastic individuals who are ever ready to offer their assistance to those holiday makers. So, make Ballito your holiday destination and experience a stress free and relaxed environment your chance to bask in the sun and lounge in the beautiful beaches of Ballito.