We are travellers by heart, as soon as we get home we begin planning our next adventure. There’s no land that’s out of reach, no ocean that we will leave untouched. All we need for our Journey is a passport and a bag on our backs. We call ourselves the “new age gipsies”.

My passion for travelling has not only taken me around the world, it has also taught me tiny loopholes into how to make my journey aloooot more comfortable and fun.

Its time I share with you my top travelling tips that every new age gypsie should know.


Look for a blogger

Before going on your trip look for someone who has blogged about the area you want to visit. Read everything they have to say about that area, and then contact them. Pick their brain for everything they know. It helps to ask specific questions based on what you want to do.

Use Your Credit card to Earn Miles

Use your Credit Card to purchase airline tickets and accommodation with affiliated airlines and hotels. This will allow you to save up your miles or get enough points for free flight and accommodation. I’ve learnt this the hard way, I’ve only recently started doing this and I’ve already had freebies. With 10 years of travelling under my belt now I would probably have been able to plan an entire holiday with all the freebies.

Don’t pack what you don’t need

There is nothing worse than hauling around clothes that you aren’t wearing. An easy way around this is to only pack what you need. This is down to research. Find out what the weather is currently doing at your destination and only pack for that climate. If you are packing for a hot climate, then it’s a bonus. You won’t need to pack many clothes at all. If you are packing for a cold climate, make sure you don’t pack too many coats, just pick one or two of your faves.J  While we are talking about packing clothes, it might be worth mentioning that you should pack extra underwear and socks, trust me on this one. There is nothing worse than putting back on a yucky panty after a long day of hiking.

Don’t use credit card details at WIFI hot spots

The last thing you would want is to be scammed out of your money on the first day of your holiday. Save yourself the hassle and do not use your credit card on websites while using public hot spots. These hot spots are not safe! Hackers are known to abuse them, I’m no computer wizz so I can’t tell you why, let’s just say I learnt the hard way.

Bullet coffee is life

Once you reach your destination believe me you will feel like there is no time to get anything done. Your 24 hour days will feel like 2 hours! Don’t expect much sleep, just explore as much as you can. I have found that bullet coffee, which is essentially butter with MCT oil and coffee mixed together is enough to keep me going all day and night. The coffee and oil mix gives me enough physical energy and mental energy to take up ANY adventure, just make sure you keep hydrated as the caffeine in the bullet coffee will dehydrate you.

Stay Hydrated

Flying is exhausting and can take a huge strain on your body. Make sure you always carry around at least a litre of water with you especially in airports and when you are flying. Water can be difficult to come by in foreign countries, when you have the opportunity to buy some, buy plenty!!

Get some Detangler

I've always found that when landing my hair is tangled up in little balls, this ruins my hair and makes me a little self consious. Find yourself a decent detangler, this has worked so well for me. After a few sprays it gets rid of all the knots in my hair. This is perfect for anyone who is like me and doesn't like to spend ages getting my hair to look semi decent after a long flight.

And that’s it, my 10 years of travelling experience wrapped up in a single article. If you have any amazing travelling stories to share, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Safe Travels.