From Weird Medicines to Wonderful country sides, Central America has them all. 

Coffee Brands around the world

Coffee is a favorite beverage of people around the world, not only because of the effect it has, but because the brand under which to sell. Today the global market present hundreds of brands vying for consumer attention not only through quality products, but also with the experience they bring to their fans. But who are these coffee brands that rank in the top positions as the most popular and beloved? Some of the leading coffee brands present on the European market are:

Nescafe - Instant mark coffee produced by NESTLE. It supports a wide range of different products, covering generally soluble coffee, instant coffee with additives (sugar and cream) - NESCAFE 3in1, NESCAFE 2in1, capsule system NESCAFE Dolce Gusto and others. In the US Nescafe long it has been distributed under the name Taster's Choice, and since 2003 the company began to impose Nescafe Taster's Choice as a brand name. The ranking Millward Brown - BRANDZ determined Nescafe as the most popular and recognizable coffee brand internationally.


Caffe Carraro - one marks with very good position in the European market. Produced by the Italian company Caffe Carraro SpA, based in the city. Scio (northern Italy). The brand offers a wide range of products for HoReCa segment - coffee beans in packs of kg and ground coffee for stores, supplies and promotional materials.


Illy - Illy Coffee e still one of the brands named after its founder. It's about Francesco Illy, who started the company with his small shop in Trieste, Italy in 1933. Francesco Illy is it known that invented the prototype of the first espresso coffee machine. Years after its creation, the brand Illy sells its products in over 130 countries. The company insists on the quality and production attest that with annual prizes awarded to the best coffee producer in Brazil. The brand is positioned as a better class coffee and maintain higher wholesale coffee prices than other brands of coffee in Eastern Europe.



Buondi - The brand first appeared in 1986 under the umbrella of the company's coffee Montarroio, but in 1993 it is bought by giant Nestle, thanks to which is distributed in the world today. Boundi position itself as a brand of coffee that keeps the quality and the places where it is sold. The interesting thing about the brand is trying maximum to distinguish itself from its competitors and keep their individuality in a fun, dynamic, social and yet modern and sophisticated brand. Boundi is one of the best developed and distributed brands of Nestle, which enjoys a good market presence. The production is baked and packaged in Porto, Portugal.


MOAK - history of coffee MOAK began in 1967 in Modica, Sicily and since then has developed a brand that is distinguished by high quality production. Started from a small family business, company today distributes the brand in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2009 the company has a new logo and corporate identity, which shows that relies on the quality of not only its products but also communication.

Explore between North American nation and Panama

Explore unimaginable worlds on top of and below the water on a journey from the sunny beaches of North American nation, through the jungle ruins of little-known corners of Central America, to the volcanic mountains of Costa Rica and also the laidback vibes of Panama. combine with locals within the abuzz bars. strive your hand at snorkelling or mountain biking. and see the secrets of the traditional Mayans as you traverse unimaginable scenery on this fantastic journey through Central America.


Here are Just a Few things to do in Central America


Discover Central America, a land of mysterious Mayan ruins, active volcanoes, idyllic beaches and emerald jungles. See the sights and interact during a wide selection of elective activities across eight completely different countries on this epic Latin journey

Whether its slumbering on the sands of Playa del Carmen, gazing at the pyramids of Tikal or haggle within the markets of Chichicastenango, you will expertise multiple sides of Central America

A homestay in San Jorge La lagune invitations you to attach with an area family. Sit down for breakfast and dinner along with your hosts and work on up your Spanish

Experience associate Republic of El Salvador of the past within the colonial city of Suchitoto, before tasting the happy gift on the black-sand beaches on its sea-coast

Hike, cycle or zip-line through the muggy cloud forests of Monteverde in Costa Rica. Stand

up getting ready to nature among the many vertebrate, bird and plant species that decision this place home

Dial the relief up a notch in Bocas del Toro, Panama, payment many nights on Isla Bastimentos.

There is also no roads or cars here, however there ar many mangroves, turtles and white sandy beaches