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 The Great Australian Landscape in Brief


If you are looking for a good place to travel, you should be very excited that you found this article. In the following paragraphs, we are about to tell you about all kinds of amazing landscape of the land of Australia. It is a good way for someone who are looking for a good way to spend their holiday to visit Australia as it is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. This big continent is filled with one of the most beautiful landscapes that you have ever found in the world. Here is a little bit more details about the landscape of Australia.


The Sea and Water Landscape

Australia is highly famous for its water and beach landscape. One of the most popular point of destination when it comes to water landscape would be the great barrier reef.  It is simply the world’s biggest coral reef system which includes 344,000 square kilometres. The reef can be reached through the states of Queensland in which it is located in the east of the continent. You will find so many amazing colorful corals which have become such an amazing ecosystem for the sea animals in the area.


The Desert of Australia

As a really big continent, Australia actually has ten different desserts that you can visit. Most of the deserts are located in the western area of the land where it is mostly dry and hot. The biggest desert in Australia would be the Great Victoria Deserts in which it spans over than three hundred thousand km2. As for size, the great sandy and the Tanami desert follow as the biggest desert. There is so many  tourism uses of Australian desert including outback adventure. The deserts are also a famous place as a living space for the indigenous people of Australia.


The Many Forests of Australia

Despite being a dry place, most of the place in Austalia are wet and green where there are so many different forestation's in there. In Australia, there are approximately around four hundred types of the forest where you get to visit in their national park. If you are looking for the best national forest to visit, you really should try the alpine national park which is known for the mountain ash. There is also the D’aguilar national park which is known for its plants and animals, some can only be found in Australia.


The Beaches

If you are looking for the best beaches in Australia, it won’t be too hard because Australia is basically surrounded by beaches. One of the most famous beaches in Australia would be the Gold Coast. This beach is known for the theme park and certainly for its wave. Plenty of surfers enjoy the wave in the Gold Coast. If you are looking for a beach that is a little bit quieter, you can always opt for the Torquay beach which is one of the best one for its tranquility. It is the best beach if you want a long walk to the beach and sunset seeing.