Cash or Card?

By Rick George

In Europe, every day defrayal will be a lot of cash-based. thus once i am there I believe totally on money, tho' I appreciate the convenience that credit cards supply. For me, it all comes all the way down to increasing ease and minimizing fees. I get the maximum amount as doable with money, employing a bank that charges no or low fees for international ATM transactions, and retreating giant amounts at every group action. I ne'er exchange bucks for foreign money at a currency exchange booth, and that i don’t trouble obtaining euros, pounds, or no matter before my trip. after I arrive in Europe, I head for AN ATM at the flying field, fill on money, and keep it safe in my belt.

American credit cards work throughout Europe (at hotels, larger retailers and restaurants, travel agencies, car-rental agencies, so on); Visa and MasterCard square measure the foremost wide accepted. yank categorical is a smaller amount common, and therefore the Discover card is unknown in Europe. It’s a decent plan to bring an additional automobiled as a backup (especially if you’re dealings a car and victimization your card to hide CDW insurance).

I use my mastercard sparingly: to book reservations by phone (for building rooms and a rental car), to hide major expenses (such as plane tickets and long building stays), and to get things close to the tip of my trip (to avoid another visit to the ATM). money is that the best — and typically solely — thanks to get fare, taxis, and native guides. If you’ll be looking lots or subsidence bills at expensive business-class hotels, you would possibly use your mastercard quite I do — however you’ll still be happier victimization money for smaller purchases.

Because merchants pay commissions to credit-card corporations, tiny European businesses (B&Bs, mom-and-pop cafés, gift shops, and more) usually like that you simply pay in money. Vendors would possibly give you a reduction for paying with money, or they could not settle for credit cards the least bit. Having money obtainable will assist you avoid a nerve-wracking difficulty if you will end up in an exceedingly place that won’t settle for your mastercard.

A dependence on plastic reshapes the Europe you expertise. Pedro’s Pension, the friendly guide at the cathedral, and most merchants within the market don’t take credit cards. rummaging the rear Door usually suggests that victimization exhausting native money. Minimizing debit- and credit-card use additionally guards against card fraud or theft: The less you utilize your cards, the less probably your data are going to be taken.

Remember, you’re on vacation. Don’t get stressed concerning cash in Europe; simply pay it sagely.

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The Warmest Travel Tips: How to stay Warm


Today I am going to be covering the warmest travel tips because who doesn't love a brisk winter walk through a beautiful city or a snowy forest? I'll tell you who doesn't: Me when I'm cold!! Nothing, I tell you, nothing gets into my bones and into my mood like being cold.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to keep warm and cozy during your winter travels.


First Tip, you might think is obvious if you were born in Ottawa, but bundeling up is a skill that I had to learn. It is all about the layers and there is an art to it. You do not want to walk around looking or feeling like this. No you don't. A couple of layers made of the right fabrics will keep you super warm and they don't have to take up that much space in your suitcase or your body.

Let's talk thermals. Wool, silks, or synthetics are your best first layer because they keep away moisture from your skin. After that it's up to you.

Layer up with a shirt, then a sweater. The important thing is to be able to remove layers if you get hot.

It's not a myth. Long underwear for your legs is a lifesaver. On your feet, forget cotton. You need something woolen to keep the heat in and the moisture out.

Speaking of feet, let's talk shoes. Worry not if you need to take with you a bulky pair of waterproof, fleece-lined boots. Why not? Those are the ones you wear on the plane. Yes. Exactly. You have been reading my articles. Your best bet is something that is insulate

d and is waterproof and that has rubber soles. The bottom line here is that you want your foot to be as separate from the cold ground as much as possible.

The last tip is remember your gloves and warm hats, they take up very little room in your luggage so no
  I love buying my winter hats from here Hope you enjoyed this travel tip:)

Happy Travelling.



What are the top five mistakes that people make when they travel?

Let me tell you, it was very hard to choose just five because people make a lot of mistakes when they travel. I have made a lot of mistakes when I travel hence I could tell you how to prevent them.


Here are my picks:

Travel Mistake 1

and this is an obvious one but it happens time and time and time again. People, print out your ticket or email it to yourself or download the app and have the ticket on your phone. Why would you stand in line to check in? I don't get it, I don't. If you have a luggage, don't worry, you check in and then just go straight to the Express line, you leave your bag and that's it. That's it.

Travel Mistake 2

This also has to do with ticketing and stuff, not having a hard copy of your reservations. By hard copy I don't necessarily mean printed, I just mean that you don't have to use your data to access it. Because what happens if your phone can't connect for some reason or something and then you don't remember the name of your hotel, you don't remember the number of your reservation. You know you need these things handy, period

Travel Mistake 3

This is my favorite and one that I am here in this world to eradicate and that is over-packing. No more over-packing people. How many times are you going to pack an entire bag full of 100 outfits and come back home having wore like 3. No more. 


Travel Mistake 4

Travel Mistake is a good one my friends and this has happened to me. You need to check your visa requirements. I don't care where you're from, you might be from the greatest country in the world, there is a country that requires for you to get a visa. Check that out before you go and check it out quite a bit in advance because it's hard to get a visa. Also check the requirements that your expiration date in your passport needs to have because some countries require that you have 6 months validity in your passport. I know, I think that I've not been allowed to get in a plane because my passport did not have 6 months validity, so make sure that you check that out.


Travel Mistake 5

Travel Mistake implies saving a lot of money. You need to check your phone plan if you're 

 going to travel abroad. Please let me tell you, a lot of people have come back to find a bill of 500 or 600 bucks. That is crazy and that ain't fair and that is super easy to avoid. If you're going to travel abroad, make sure that you check to see what your plan is, what your data plan is and adjust accordingly and act accordingly wherever it suites you good.